Environmental Impact Assessment

Environmental Impact Assessment - Train Tracks Beside LakeNaito Environmental has conducted environmental impact assessment studies for a wide range of development activities including hydroelectric, road and rail, pipeline, forestry, and land development.

We associate with specialists in other fields such as wildlife and engineering as needed to provide the expertise required for each project.

Service Areas Include:

  • Dock Assessment
  • Hydroelectric & Flow Diversion
  • Linear Development
  • Land Development
  • Impact Mitigation
  • Compensation Habitat Design
  • Fish Passage (culverts, bridges, etc)
  • Riparian Areas Protection Regulation (RAPR)

Project Examples

English Creek Hydro Project (Canadian Hydro Developers, Inc.)

Fisheries impact assessment, including benthic and water quality sampling, for a 5 MW hydroelectric project near Revelstoke, BC.

Cache Creek to the Rockies Program (BC Ministry of Transportation)

Fisheries impact assessments, environmental design input, and development of impact mitigation and compensation options for proposed upgrades to three sections of Trans Canada Highway near Revelstoke.

Fish Passage Culvert Assessment (Slocan Forest Products, Radium Division)

Fish passage culvert inspection (FPCI) planning for area equivalent to thirty 1:20,000 map sheets in upper Columbia and Kootenay River watersheds near Radium Hot Springs.

McKinley Waterfront Estates (616507 B.C. Ltd.)

Environmental impact assessment and mitigation planning for residential subdivision development of a 92 ha lakefront property in Kelowna, including aquatic and terrestrial studies and visual impact analysis.

Building Lot Development (private landowners)

Environmental assessments of numerous proposed residential lot developments (including houses, stairways, and trams) on Okanagan ravines, streams, and lake shores.