Environmental Inventory

Lady Taking Inventory Water StreamEnvironmental inventory is often a precursor to impact assessment analysis but may also be used for planning purposes such as to identify opportunities for habitat rehabilitation or enhancement.

We associate with specialists in other fields such as wildlife and engineering as needed to provide the expertise required for each project.

Service Areas Include:

  • Stream and lake surveys
  • Fish species presence and distribution
  • Fish and fish habitat assessment
  • Fish population estimation
  • Aquatic habitat quality and productivity
  • Benthic invertebrate sampling
  • Water quality sampling


Project Examples

Whatshan Fish and Fish Habitat Assessment (BC Hydro)

Baseline fish and fish habitat studies on 1.3 km sections of Whatshan River and Barnes Creek near Needles-Fauquier. Included fish population estimation for several species, and documentation of numerous fish habitat characteristics including depth, velocity, and cover.

Sinclair Creek Fish and Fish Habitat Assessment (Village of Radium Hot Springs)

Used Fish Habitat Assessment Procedures (FHAP) methodology to assess fish and fish habitat in Sinclair Creek at Radium Hot Springs. Included kokanee spawner enumeration.

Hospital Creek Fish and Fish Habitat Assessment (Golden District Rod & Gun Club)

Assessed fish distribution and habitat quality to identify opportunities for fisheries enhancement.

McKinley Waterfront Estates (616507 B.C. Ltd.)

Collected baseline fish, wildlife, and vegetation data on a 92 ha lakefront property in Kelowna prior to residential subdivision development.