Habitat Rehabilitation

Natural Water Sources Affected By ConstructionNaito Environmental specializes in the planning, design, and implementation of habitat rehabilitation or enhancement projects. These typically involve aquatic habitat, but extend to riparian function and upland issues such as wildlife movement corridors.

Service Areas Include:

  • Stream habitat complexing
  • Off-channel habitat
  • Ecosystem restoration
  • Fish and wildlife passage improvement
  • Streambank stabilization (bioengineering)
  • Riparian habitat treatments


Project Examples

Lower Whatshan Fish Habitat Enhancement (BC Hydro)

Designed and coordinated implementation of habitat enhancement measures including logjams and boulder placements over a 1.3 km section of Whatshan River near Needles-Fauquier.

Sinclair Creek Restoration Project (Columbia River Greenways Alliance)

Designed and implemented measures including log jams, rock weirs, and culvert backwatering to improve habitat complexity and fish passage in Sinclair Creek at Radium Hot Springs.

Mill Creek Restoration and Enhancement (City of Kelowna)

Designed and implemented measures including rock weirs, ponds, bank cover, and gravel placements to increase instream and off-channel habitat complexity over several kilometers of Mill Creek in Kelowna.

McKinley Waterfront Estates (616507 B.C. Ltd.)

Designed and implemented measures to rehabilitate the site of a slide into Okanagan Lake near Kelowna. Treatments included pull-back of slide material, application of grass seed and erosion control blanket, and planting of native trees and shrubs.